Jan. 29th, 2016

disemboweled: (【GINTAMA】sougo☣just do it)
so it's 11pm at night and I have to get up at 5.30 for a morning shift tomorrow but you know what... who cares. let's talk about RP goals

( ☐ = incomplete & ☒ = completed )

☐ live the true SoL lyfe and get a fictional animal
☐ threads in cat cafe. i'm really into animals right now, i guess
☐ make sougo an actual friend
☐ ingame ship. this is a pipe dream because it will never happen
☐ murder. i'd really like to rp some murder.
☐ have a shinsengumi cast -- more things that will never happen
☐ someone pats sougo's head
☐ sougo slaughters people to rescue someone, and they end up afraid of him
☐ sougo is actually, genuinely nice to someone (IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN )
☐ selfies, stupid texting things, chain mail, inbox stuff in general
☐ sougo bullies someone into cooking and cleaning for him
☐ stupid threads where characters take care of each other. not that sougo would ever take care of anyone.
☐ trying to help and ruining everything
☐ sougo as a host ...... an evil one
☐ shipteasing ... i'd really like him to fluster someone with how shameless he can be
☐ dates!!! even if they'll end in disaster, probably. it'd be nice if the dates do end up somewhat cute in the end.
☐ sleeping on each other ... napping together. cute, quiet threads.
☐ domestic roomie things
☐ dance threads and prom things
☐ sougo agrees to pretend to be someone's boyfriend for some...reason. i just like this trope.
☐ really stupid ViViD things. i just want him to play surgery simulator and end up spraying blood everywhere. or neko atsume ...
☐ characters making bets with each other!
☐ truth or dare
☐ stupid sleepovers and hanging out. he just needs to do normal people things
☐ gravely injure him .....
☐ stupidly injure him. he tries to be S and his plan backfires, then he breaks his leg and needs a cast for months


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