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so it's 11pm at night and I have to get up at 5.30 for a morning shift tomorrow but you know what... who cares. let's talk about RP goals

( ☐ = incomplete & ☒ = completed )

☐ live the true SoL lyfe and get a fictional animal
☐ threads in cat cafe. i'm really into animals right now, i guess
☐ make sougo an actual friend
☐ ingame ship. this is a pipe dream because it will never happen
☐ murder. i'd really like to rp some murder.
☐ have a shinsengumi cast -- more things that will never happen
☐ someone pats sougo's head
☐ sougo slaughters people to rescue someone, and they end up afraid of him
☐ sougo is actually, genuinely nice to someone (IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN )
☐ selfies, stupid texting things, chain mail, inbox stuff in general
☐ sougo bullies someone into cooking and cleaning for him
☐ stupid threads where characters take care of each other. not that sougo would ever take care of anyone.
☐ trying to help and ruining everything
☐ sougo as a host ...... an evil one
☐ shipteasing ... i'd really like him to fluster someone with how shameless he can be
☐ dates!!! even if they'll end in disaster, probably. it'd be nice if the dates do end up somewhat cute in the end.
☐ sleeping on each other ... napping together. cute, quiet threads.
☐ domestic roomie things
☐ dance threads and prom things
☐ sougo agrees to pretend to be someone's boyfriend for some...reason. i just like this trope.
☐ really stupid ViViD things. i just want him to play surgery simulator and end up spraying blood everywhere. or neko atsume ...
☐ characters making bets with each other!
☐ truth or dare
☐ stupid sleepovers and hanging out. he just needs to do normal people things
☐ gravely injure him .....
☐ stupidly injure him. he tries to be S and his plan backfires, then he breaks his leg and needs a cast for months
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( ☐ = incomplete & ☒ = completed )

if you want to do a thing let's do a thing

general things/in game things
☐ making an OC
☐ actually playing a girl consistently .....
☐ actually playing more than one character in a game
☐ vore and gorey things
☐ psychological horror and trauma
☒ medical stuff
☐ mentors and students or parental figures and kidlets
☐ learning new skills
☐ fucking up majorly in game
☐ actually succeeding in game (nah wont happen)
☐ unlikely hero/sociopath friendships and cute stuff
☒ survival things
☐ someone uses ed as a footstool
☐ girls supporting guys
☒ hair braiding and cute things
☒ rescues
☒ teamwork!!! strategy!!

psls and aus
☐ extensive psls with a number of people
☒ bodyguard AU
☐ undercover au
☒ atlalok au .....
☒ modern au
☐ darker than black au
☒ cdc 10 years later
☒ arranged marriage au
☒ vampire au
☒ tokyo ghoul au
☒ nurse au
☐ prison au
☐ imperial harem au ala the legend of zhen huan

shippy things
☐ unrequited love and quiet pining
☒ fake dating/fake marriage
☐ friends with benefits
☒ playing a canon ship in a game
☐ playing a cross-canon ship in game
☐ jealousy and insecurities
☐ a rocky relationship
☐ cross-dressing because i'm trash
☐ starcrossed lovers through time/space/dimensions
☐ timeline shenanigans
☐ unbalanced relationships
☐ dysfunctional/unhealthy/co-dependent relationships
☐ staying with someone out of guilt
☐ powerplay
☐ may-december ...... if they're legal ...
☐ hero/villain
☐ something where someone's a single dad
☒ shipping two tsunderes
☒ actually writing smut
☒ lapsitting
☒ scar-kisses
☐ break-ups and rejections
☐ bisexual love triangles
☒ awkward dates/awkward blind dates
☒ large height differences
☐ romance jean kirstein
☒ romance bolin
☒ romance ling yao
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oh i've been neglecting this journal

there's nothing to say, lmfao. Um, I've having a really good time right now.
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Why does my dw inbox have 380 messages I can't

Anyway, I'm having a lot of fun on the RP front. ATP just went up, so I hope to hook in some CLAMP noodles for [community profile] zodion. I might put in a character from Gintama depending on when Leon wants to read it.

School is seriously pilling crap on me. Not only are they pilling crap, but they're being confusing everywhere about just what we have to do!

My life has been the same, so I really don't have much to say right now. I'm thankful for everyone, I guess.
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Today, in a rather casual conversation, my (girl) friends all revealed that they were bisexual! I'm kind of really pleased with this. In my country, these things just aren't talked about.
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School has started and they're piling crap on me again! I can't wait for May to come around because it means [personal profile] quasimodo will have free time, though.

I started reading Karneval. It doesn't even try to be subtle about the gayness gosh ...... i'mokaywiththis
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School starts in a few days.
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RP: I roleplayed for the first time here. I'm still getting used to the shift to dw. Some html codes are different, and my fingers are so accustomed to typing them that I just do it subconsciously.

Tagging has been surprisingly easy, though. I wonder why? I've only been playing him for a day but I can feel the replies form in my head automatically. It usually takes me forever to think up responses to people, even if I have weeks of practice.

I'm not sure where to app, tbh. Right now, I'll be fine with anything. I wish I still had people to throw musebox ideas at, but this is a good opportunity to reach out and make a new circle of online friends.

RL: I have a week of holiday, so I'm going to use it to write my app and go out with my friends. I haven't had any rest for a month, so I'm giving myself this.
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so i just read all the chapters of Tsubasa Reservior Chronicle and my head screams in pain WTF IS GOING ON

oh well that was fun. i really like kurogane and fai

i'm almost done with my hospital attachment and this means i won't have to see a certain someone's face again. GOOD RIDDANCE.

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I've been reading Sakamichi no Apollo. It's about a cute bromance between two dudes who happen to like the same kind of music. Slice of life rarely holds my interest, but I really like the characters and their interactions. They remind me of the characters from xxxholic.

OTHER THAN THAT, life has been the same. One of my teachers is out to get me, but I've decided to ignore her and only speak to her when necessary. Everybody else agrees that she's an unfunny bitch.
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just trying this out lmfao how does it look


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